World Population Day Report 2019

World Population Day is an annual event that is observed on 11th July every year across the world. World Population Day is used to celebrate to make every people aware of the Population in every Country and their effects on the daily life of the people. It is used to get the people to know the advantages and the Disadvantages of the Population in the World. In the World, there are Crores of people who are living in various regions and has different Cultures, Languages, Religions and also many other things. There are some people who are used to do a lot of tasks to earn a lot of profit and benefit from a variety of functions that has to be completed in a particular period.

It was first started in the year 1989 by the United Nations Development Programme and has been celebrated since then. Today In India, there are around 125 Crores of people living in the Country, and they have different States, Languages, Religions, Cultures, Traditions and many different things. Every Indian live with different styles and cultures with many different attitudes by which people can develop and improve their living with better ideas and plans.

On this occasion, BGSSARC celebrated Mega Population Week on 09 July 2019 at Chikkaballapura town. BGSSARC Organized an Awareness Rally on World Population Day 2019 from Vokkaligara Kalyana Mantapa Junction to Shidlaghatta circle of Chikkaballapura to reach out to public with messages on global population issues, family planning issues. The program was successful with the support of NCC, NSS and Chikkaballapura Police.

The rally was inaugurated by Physical education teacher, NCC & NSS coordinator.

The celebration of Mega Population Week began with an Awareness rally with 40 participants. These included students, NCC & NSS volunteers, staff, NCC & NSS coordinator.

Key messages on population control were announced during the rally.