BGS Science Academy & Research Center (BGS SARC)

BGSScience Academy and Research Center was started in the year 2015 with the dream of science revolution in rural stream by Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji. The BGS SARC was envisaged to be a centre of excellence in Science education, and has consistently endeavoured to maintain global standard. It always stands for values and empowerment of the poor and the rural people as our Mahaswamiji dreamt. Mahaswamiji's visualization is to capture the BGS SARC to the pinnacle of glory with an emphasis on simultaneous development of scientific knowledge, skills and attitude

In 21stcentury the Science and Technology has gained lot of importance and scope as it undergone major changes and advancements taking the study at nano level, artificial intelligence, robotics, brain computer interphase and computer brain interphase. At this juncture, the importance and relevance of basic sciences are vital. In the present technology driven world, the importance of sciences has grown more than before with a constantly developing competition in all the fields.

Lucrative opportunities exist in fields as varied as basic research, industrial employment and the teaching profession. Additionally, training in Sciences provides an excellent platform for entrepreneurship in the area of specialization. The BGS SARC strives to fulfil its mission to provide educational opportunities to all aspiring youth to excel in life by developing academic excellence, fostering values, creating civic responsibility and building global competencies in a dynamic environment.

Studying at BGS SARC has vivacious driving force for our students, the college is equipped with modern amenities, the campus encompasses excellent facilities in a sprawling green ambience, central digital library, well equipped high tech laboratories, and Spacious Lecture halls with option of digital presentations, comfortable serene girl’s hostel with recreational facility etc. are facilitated to meet world-class standards.

Affiliation and Academics

BGS SARC affiliated to the Bangalore University, implements the University directives on curriculum, examination and evaluation. The courses includeB.Sc. and M.Sc. The institution endeavours to achieve excellence within the boundaries prescribed by the University.

Integration of education to meet global needs, national development, social responsibility and quest for excellence are the areas of concern. The college has the flexibility for greater learning, it provides value added and certificate courses, Soft skills, Academic festivals, Seminars/ workshops, internships, Science centre/Industrial visits and interactive lecture series from scientists and laureates of current trend.Constant feedback from students, parents, academicians, accreditation committeeand alumni is undertaken to monitor the course curriculum progress in the light of its vision and mission.

The academic calendar (teaching, testing, and event organization) at BGS SARC is scientifically planed with day to day micro-schedules, Project work by the expert academicians, eminent professors and counsellors.Faculty members have been trained annually in academia and industry to impart sovereign education. The perspectives that the faculty bring to the classroom have served to widen the intellectual horizons of students and to bridge the gap between classroom teaching to industry.

The splendid events at BGS SARC include aFreshers day (Didyati), VijnathamMela(Science festival), National seminars/ Conference/ workshops, Interactive lecture series (Samvada), Cultural fest, Saviskara (Talent hunt), Sports meet and other vibrant extracurricular activities.