Admission Policy

  • The principal aim of the Admissions Policy of the BGS SARC is to offer admission to students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, racial, religious and financial considerations.

  • Two further aims are:

  • Aspiration – to encourage applications from groups that are, at present, under-represented in BGS SARC
  • Fairness – to ensure that each applicant is individually assessed, without partiality or bias, in accordance with the policy on Equal Opportunities, and to ensure that, as far as possible, an applicant’s chance of admission to BGS SARC does not depend on choice of the combinations
  • Once students are admitted, we ensure that they’re given the academic, personal and, where appropriate, financial1 support necessary for successful completion of their course at BGS SARC.

    Detailed selection criteria vary for different courses but in all we’re looking for:

  • Academic ability and potential
  • Motivation and suitability for the chosen course
  • Commitment and self-discipline
  • Every applicant is considered individually in an holistic assessment using all the information available to us:
  • Their academic records
  • The school/college reference
  • The personal statement
  • Submitted work, where requested
  • Performance in any written assessment
  • Contextual date
  • Performance at interview, if interviewed

  • Ultimately, all admissions decisions are based on academic criteria – ability and potential – and excellence in an extra-curricular activity will never ‘compensate’ for lower academic potential. In each subject we have moderation procedures that enable Colleges to compare the quality of their own applicants with those to other Colleges before deciding who’ll receive an offer, and our pool system provides the opportunity for applicants squeezed out by the competition at one College to receive an offer from another. To try to ensure that all applicants and their advisers have access to up-to-date and factually correct information, we provide exhaustive information about all aspects of our admissions procedures through our extensive range of publications and our website.

    Policy Statements

    BGS SARC invites applications from all eligible candidates.

    The College admits students on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis whereby students must satisfy all admissions criteria to establish eligibility and are then offered places by date of eligibility, except in programs that use selective admissions processes that rank order sent through central admission cell of Bangalore University.

    Admission Decisions

  • Education Council approves all program admissions criteria and standards.
  • The Dean has authority to admit applicants to the College based on approved criteria and standards.
  • The coordinator of a program area has authority for granting admission criteria waivers in exceptional and unusual cases in consultation with the Dean and the appropriate coordinator.
  • Candidate and Parent Declaration

  • Candidate and parent (CAP) declare that they have understood and accept the college's admission policy and will abide by the college's final decision
  • CAP will be legally liable for the acts of their candidature. They will pay the entire fee and owe to the college as decided by the management.
  • CAP have accepted the terms and conditions laid down by the institution. And also declare that if any untoward incident takes place while travelling to and fro by college bus/ vehicle and also for any injury sustained during journey, participation in games, sports, field trips, study tour or any other exercises organized by college, for which CAP will be held responsible.
  • After understanding with the facilities, conditions and rules/ regulations of the College/Hostel, Parents are willingly admitting the candidate. Parents hereby state that they have read and understand the conditions of the indemnity bond and give their consent for it and signing it voluntarily.