Bachelor of Science (Bsc) In Chemistry, Botany, Zoology

  • Objective of the Programme:
  • The courses for the CBZ programme emphasize on making the students understand the structural and functional basis of life and nature. The programme leads the students to higher learning in chemical sciences and life sciences and contribute to the welfare of the society.

    Chemistry : The department of Chemistry helps in connecting problems in the fundamental nature of matter to the most complex problems in the processes of life, including medicine and graduate study, and are also in high demand in fields like secondary education. The scope of chemistry is very broad. The key areas of study of chemistry comprise Organic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Job areas include Chemical Labs, Clinical Labs, Health Care Industry, Cosmetics and Perfume Industry, Military Hospitals, Fertilizer Plants, Energy Firms, Forensic Labs, etc.,

    Botany : This course creates awareness about the importance of plants as an integral part of life. It is imperative to internalise fully the fact that human existence completely depends on plants and hence, the necessity to conserve nature is the need of the hour and for lifetime. Many activities are conducted in each semester relevant to the Syllabusand more which enable the students to study out of the classroom. Algal collections, bacterial culture, plant preservation, mushroom cultivation, visits to tissue culture labs, plant collection trips, project works, maintenance of plant diversity in campus etc.

    Job avenues for B.Sc. Botany Graduates: - Plant Pathologists, Farming Consultant, Environmental Consultant, Molecular Biologist, Plant Biochemist, Taxonomist, Nursery Manager, Forester/ Park Ranger, Conservationist, Ecologist, Plant Explorers etc.

    Zoology : : Zoology courses are a preferred choice of those who feel an affinity towards caring for the creatures of the animal kingdom.It is one of the most popular branches in science that involves the study of animals and their biological processes. While a bachelor’s degree gives an all-encompassing understanding of the branches of Zoology, many feel the need to dig deeper and to explore the immensely vast animal world. There are numerous career opportunities for candidates completing their B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Zoology in the public and private sectors. Candidates find jobs as Animal Behaviourist, Conservationist, Wildlife Biologist, Zoo Curator, Wildlife Educator, Zoology faculty, Forensic experts, lab technicians, Veterinarians etc.